Six Major Warning Signs That You Should Look For Another Lawyer

There are certain warning signs that should tell you to look for another attorney no matter the type of representation you have, be it a criminal matter, personal injury or to draft a will. Take any of the following signs as a warning to look for another lawyer:

1. Little or No Communication From Your Lawyer

Your lawyer works for you. As such you should be kept abreast of any and all developments. If a motion is filed or an order entered, it should be sent to you immediately. Similarly, you should be informed of any new development in your case. If months go by where you have not received any correspondence from your attorney or any telephone calls from their office, you should take it as a bad omen of things to come.

2. Returning Telephone Calls

Just as it is important for your attorney to communicate with you it is critical that your telephone calls are returned immediately. If you telephone your attorney and he does not call you back within one day that is a sign that they are either too busy to return a simple telephone call or don’t care about your case.

3. Being Given a Guarantee

It is impossible and unethical for an attorney to give a guarantee of an outcome. To do so is indicative of an attorney who will lie to you in order to get your business. If an attorney makes a guarantee at the beginning of a case, you are forewarned about the type of attorney they are. If an attorney makes a guarantee in order to placate you, it means that they will lie in order to keep your business. Never hire an attorney or keep an attorney who is willing to make a guarantee about a specific outcome of your case.

4. Making You Feel Stupid

If in response to good, hardhitting questions you are made to feel stupid, that is a sign that the attorney has done something wrong. An attorney who twists things and makes their clients feel like they don’t understand what is happening or the possible repercussions is an attorney who should not be representing people. In almost all situations, things can be explained so that the client can understand.

5. Being Asked To Participate In Questionable Activity

It should go without saying that an attorney is supposed to ensure that all sides play on an equal playing field. The most important aspect of hiring a good attorney is knowing that when you go into a courtroom everyone respects your attorney. If the attorney asks or allows you to operate in a “gray” area, that is a bad sign because it is very likely that others in the judicial system will know your attorney is a snake/cheater which will harm your chances of a favorable outcome.

6. Not Being Straightforward About Fees

All fees should be discussed before you hire an attorney. Once the attorney is hired, you should enter into a contract setting out the fees and expenses. If you do not have a contract or engagement letter from the attorney, that should be a warning that you will ultimately be overbilled and unhappy with the attorney.

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