Practicing criminal law in Edwardsville is unique.

At one time, Edwardsville was a sleepy Illinois town, but over the years has developed into an affluent community dominated by Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Edwardsville has become a dynamic community which continues to change economically and socially. I have been present throughout these changes and have been able to capitalize on them and remain in the forefront of Edwardsville criminal attorneys.

When I began practicing in Edwardsville, the number of felony cases filed in a calendar year was miniscule. Over the years, the State’s Attorney’s office in Edwardsville has increased the number of felony cases filed in a year to over 3,000. An unforeseen result in the increase in felony prosecutions is that the level of representation of criminal defense lawyers in Edwardsville has declined.

At one time, there were a handful of attorneys in Edwardsville who, like me, had a practice which focused solely on criminal matters.

Instead of pleading every case out, this handful of attorneys went to trial to force the Edwardsville prosecutors to prove their case. Because of how hard we fought for every client, our clients ended up with better results.

With the increased number of felonies being filed, the criminal bar in Edwardsville has expanded greatly. Unfortunately, the large percentage of criminal defense attorneys in Edwardsville have developed a volume practice where the focus is on pleading their clients “guilty” as opposed to fighting and going to trial if need be.

On the one hand, these volume criminal defense lawyers in Edwardsville can charge a cheaper price, but the result is that the client ends up being just a “number” who does not receive the same quality representation that I give.

The biggest mistake made by other criminal defense lawyers in Edwardsville is that they take a case assuming the client is “guilty” and try to make the best deal possible for that client.

Through my experience in Edwardsville, I know that oftentimes law enforcement will take shortcuts and violate my client’s Constitutional rights. I take a case assuming my client is innocent and that the prosecutors cannot prove their guilt.

My past experience in Edwardsville allows me to better represent a client because in the past 25 years, I have come to know all the prosecutors, judges as well as members of law enforcement. My past experience in Edwardsville allows me to maneuver the inner-workings of the criminal justice system, which ultimately helps me receive a better result for my client.

The fact that my Dad has been an attorney for over 50 years in Edwardsville and my brother is an Associate Circuit Judge in Edwardsville, as well as the fact that I am a past president of the Madison County Bar, has enabled me to earn a stellar reputation among my adversaries.

Even though I have been an attorney for over 25 years, my office has technological advances which are uncommon for most Edwardsville criminal defense attorneys. For example, I have a paperless file system where all documents related to a client’s case are scanned so that I can immediately pull up on my computer, iPad or laptop any document related to a client’s case in Edwardsville.

Being a criminal defense attorney in Edwardsville is a rewarding experience. I am proud that through the years, my hard work and dedication to my clients has earned me a wonderful reputation which is ultimately a testament to my Dad.

If you are in need of representation, call my office at (618) 462-8484 or send me an email.

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