White Collar Crimes

My white collar experience runs the gamut of federal white collar prosecutions from telemarketing fraud, to medicare fraud to tax fraud to mail and wire fraud. Often after I receive a positive result in a white collar case, clients will confide in me that they had previously spoken to another attorney, who painted a dire picture of their situation, prior to seeking my expertise.

Because I have such extensive trial experience in federal court I approach white collar cases differently than most attorneys. I assume the Government and the agents are overreaching and that their case has holes in it. From the beginning I attack the Government's case. Because of this tactic, the Government and agents tend to approach me differently because of my reputation as a trial attorney.

At one time, white collar prosecutions were reserved for individuals whose crimes were apparent and whose victims were obvious. However, post-Madoff, individuals who make bad business decisions, and whose alleged victims are difficult to figure out, have become the targets of federal investigations. "Crazy" is one word that describes the sentences the Government wants to impose on a first time non-violent Defendant. That's why it's important to have an attorney who has had extensive dealings with the U.S. Attorney's offices in the Southern District of Illinois and Eastern District of Missouri representing you.

The Government and its agencies be it the IRS, Postal Inspectors or FBI go after businessmen who are targets of an investigation with a zeal that is unfathomable. This zeal makes the "target" intimidated and scared from the beginning. The full weight of the United States of America is brought to bare against a white collar target.

As my practice has evolved from representing gun and drug types of federal crimes to white collar crimes I am surprised at how unreasonable the agents handling white collar cases tend to be. The desire and pressure to "win" oftentimes clouds the judgment of the agents, making them unwilling to listen to the reasonable explanations of a businessman. The only way to combat this is by fighting back as hard as possible as soon as possible.


U.S.A. v. Christian

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U.S.A. v. Kent

Complaint Indictment Plea Agreement

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U.S.A. v. Tzen

Indictment Plea Judgement

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U.S.A. v. Wells

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U.S.A. v. Trikha

Motion to
Dismiss Indictment
Reply to Government's Motion to Dismiss Motion for
Grand Jury Transcripts

Motion For Disclosure of Expert Witness Reply to Government's Expert Response Motion to
Suppress Illegal Evidence

Mortgage Fraud

U.S.A. v. Owens

Indictment Motion to Dismiss Count VIII Sentencing Memo

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Sentencing Memos

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U.S.A. v. Thigpen     U.S.A. v. Chilton    

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